Tatonka in New Zealand

We introduced Tatonka to New Zealand in 2010 and kiwis were quick to realise the benefits Tatonka packs compared to other packs on the market.

Hunters in particular embraced the Tatonka packs for their ruggedness, especially the flagship Bison pack that features the X1 harness originally designed for the German military. Because it enables the wearer to comfortably carry loads over 25kg, it is perfect for hunters on long trips and those who shoot an animal and want to carry the meat out.

We have worked with Tatonka’s design team in Germany to continue to expand the range of packs we offer. The Stealth soft fabric range was designed in conjunction with New Zealand hunters to produce soft-fabric daypacks suitable for our stalking conditions that still have all the essential features. We have since extended the range to include Pyrm1 Woodlands camo® versions and are also now producing some of our popular bigger pack styles in this fabric.

Tatonka is not just about packs – they bring the same practical, no-nonsense approach to producing other outdoor gear like dry bags and gaiters, and back all their products with a 2-year warranty.

About Tatonka

Tatonka is a family owned company based in Germany. They manufacture quality outdoor gear in their own factories in Vietnam.

Tatonka is the only outdoor manufacturer who doesn’t outsource any aspect of production – each product is made by ‘TATONKA’ – from the initial idea, down to the final stitch. They have been doing this for over 30 years.

As outdoor experts, Tatonka knows that functionality is what counts in the great outdoors. Therefore, their product designs focus on what matters: lots of sensible functions and no unnecessary extras. The products are honest, functional and ready for life’s expeditions – “Expedition Life”.

As a family-run business now in their second generation, Tatonka can guarantee that the products which carry the Tatonka name are only products that they themselves would take on an expedition.

Tatonka stand behind their products with a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

The outdoor brand Tatonka: the Bavarian Bison


Tatonka means BISON in the language of the Lakota Sioux. The Bison is a magnificent animal and Tatonka chose it as their trademark because it symbolises power, strength, endurance, freedom, and harmony with nature. These are qualities they build into every Tatonka product, to help you on life’s expeditions.