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Tatonka is the go-to pack brand for NZ Hunter Adventures

The Hunters Club review the Bison

“But it’s under a heavy load that the pack really came into it’s own. I was comfortably able to carry two hind legs, backstraps, head and antlers, Phantom 4 drone, tripod, wet weathers and all my regular camera equipment (a total weight of around 45kg) up some quite steep and undulating country in the dark for a solid hour and half without feeling any specific hot spots on the shoulders, lower back etc. Sure, the legs were burning under the weight, but the well padded shoulder and hip straps made for a surprisingly smooth carry out.”

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What Tim Barnett thinks of the Tatonka Stealth

“I recently got to put the Tatonka Stealth pack to use on a pig hunting mission in some rugged alpine country in Kaikoura, which involved a lot of bashing through thick scrub, matagouri and rosehip. The pack handled the nasty weather well, and had more than enough space for the various things I require when pig hunting – first aid kit, spare food, water, ammo, wet weathers etc. Thanks to the belt strap, it sat well on my back even with a 135lb boar over my shoulders.

All up, it’s a great day bag and one that certainly feels like it’s capable of taking an absolute beating, and I’m sure that’s what I’ll be giving it over the coming years!”

Gav Bubu reviews the Norix 48

Gav Bubu reviews the Bison 55+10