Rifle scabbard


The Tatonka Rifle Scabbard which pairs perfectly with the range of Stealth Hunting Packs and was developed in New Zealand based on feedback from Kiwi hunters now comes in Prym1 Woodlands camo!

The Tatonka Rifle Scabbard cradles your rifle by the stock and affixes your rifle to your pack, preventing your weapon from swinging around whilst tramping.

The scabbard attaches to most packs and will hold most rifle sizes. No need to rely upon a weapon sling and worry about dropping your rifle.

Fitting Instructions

  1. Place stock in scabbard
  2. Place rifle over bag where you wish to position it
  3. Thread gun barrel under pack straps
  4. Attach the adjustable strap by looping through strap holding gun barrel
  5. Adjust strap for rifle size and height
  6. Tighten any pack straps to hold rifle securely against your pack.